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Prognostication Video

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Providing a prognosis is important because once you are given one, you live your life differently. Dying people are fertile ground for healing. If you were told you only had a few to several months to live, you’d live your life very differently than you are right now. Things that didn’t seem important become urgently important today; things that seemed so important yesterday, quickly fade as a more complete perspective is gained. This video provides a learning format to discuss the value of providing a prognosis. When done sensitively and flexibly, prognostication fosters growth and healing.

Spreading Virtual Awareness on Soul Injury®

Watch this COMPELLING PODCAST as the ‘Lawyer’s Daughter’ interviews Opus Peace Founders, Deborah Grassman & Marie Bainbridge. In this webinar, you will -Witness the excitement that an interviewer has to hear about how to respond to Soul Injury® -Gain ideas for how YOU can use strategies to help you effectively utilize media-friendly tactics to bring together a wider audience through virtual platforms -Articulate language about Soul Injury® in ways that pull people in and promote a desire to learn more -Discover tips and strategies for getting a podcast seen by as many people as possible

Thank You is Not Enough: Helping Veterans Unburden

Attaining a peaceful death is the aim of most Hospice interventions for Veterans. Learning how to create safe emotional environments for untold military stories to emerge is a skill set that Veteran caregivers need to cultivate. Untold stories often emerge at the end of life – stories that sometimes encompass Soul Injuries® that might complicate peaceful dying. The public’s patriotic projection of the “ideal” warrior discourages military personnel from telling stories that run counter to the “perfect soldier” image; opportunities for healing untold stories are then missed. If not designed well, pinning ceremonies that only reflect honor and glory can inadvertently silence these stories, thwarting the unburdening process. This webinar will help the viewer understand how end-of-life ceremonies need to do more than thank a Veteran; they need to facilitate the unburdening process. You will hear from several We Honor Veterans partners who are adjusting their programs and ceremonies to include the “unburdening” process.