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Prognostication Video

(Playing time: 03:17 min)
Providing a prognosis is important because once you are given one, you live your life differently. Dying people are fertile ground for healing. If you were told you only had a few to several months to live, you’d live your life very differently than you are right now. Things that didn’t seem important become urgently important today; things that seemed so important yesterday, quickly fade as a more complete perspective is gained. This video provides a learning format to discuss the value of providing a prognosis. When done sensitively and flexibly, prognostication fosters growth and healing.

Creative Cocooning – Presentation

(2013. Playing time: 19 min)
We don’t get sick alone (if we are lucky). We will need a caregiver. Most of us know little about cocooning or caregiving. As the caterpillar spins its cocoon, it entangles those around it. If caregivers are not careful, they become enmeshed too. This video demonstrates a creative, metaphorical teaching tool that helps caregivers embrace cocooning without becoming enmeshed in it.

I Need a Witness

This 4-minute slide show will open your eyes to the effects of a Soul Injury®!

Frozen in War – Trailer

(Running Time: 5 minutes)
The Welcome Your Soldier Home (WYSH) Project Documentary searches for a solution to the growing epidemic of suicides among active-duty soldiers and veterans. The movie shows soldiers that life after war can still be meaningful, even though they may continue to live with the changes war has put them through. The film explores practical and effective strategies some soldiers are using to recognize and embrace the transformation that starts when a soldier goes to war, and that must be completed before a soldier can recover from the psychological and moral trauma of war identified by Grassman as Soul Injury®. Interviews are done with Iraq vet and suicide survivor Andrew O’Brien, noted authors and veteran counselors Edward Tick and Deborah Grassman, and a cast of other experts, veterans, and active-duty servicemen and women.

Living and Dying Healed

(2012. Playing time: 39 min)
Interviewed by award-winning commercial film-maker, Burton Greenburg, Deborah discusses philosophical issues surrounding life, death, and aging.

Accepting the Ashes: PTSD Support Audio Book

(2013. Playing time: 58 min)
Her father did two tours of duty in the Viet Nam war. Now, Quynn Elizabeth, offers her story to anyone who needs it. Written and narrated by Quynn, she depicts her father’s experiences in combat, his struggles with Post Traumatic Stress, his aching heart sadness and alcoholism all his adult life even though he didn’t get diagnosed with PTSD until 1992. Written after his death, Quynss’s story is both poignant and inspiring.

Soul Injury® Montage

Watch this 2-minute video on how addressing Soul Injury® can transform lives.