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Creative Cocooning – Presentation

(2013. Playing time: 19 min)
We don’t get sick alone (if we are lucky). We will need a caregiver. Most of us know little about cocooning or caregiving. As the caterpillar spins its cocoon, it entangles those around it. If caregivers are not careful, they become enmeshed too. This video demonstrates a creative, metaphorical teaching tool that helps caregivers embrace cocooning without becoming enmeshed in it.

We Support You, Too

(Running Time: 4 minutes)
This slide show depicts military scenes that foster an appreciation for those people who serve their country. Shown at the end of Deborah’s Wounded Warriors: Their Last Battle presentation, it is a powerful reminder about veterans’ service and sacrifice.

Vietnam Veterans Untold Stories at the End of Life

As of the year 2015, there were more Vietnam veterans dying than World War II or Korean veterans. Vietnam veterans face unique issues at the end of life. Scorned and vilified by the American public when they returned from combat, their stories often got shoved into unconsciousness only to reemerge as they age and near the end of their lives. As a result, Vietnam veterans do not trust easily. Learning how to earn their trust is both essential and tricky. This presentation will provide you with tools to create a safe emotional environment for our Vietnam veterans so that they can share their stories, heal, and “come home” at last! You will also learn about a simple Somatic Awareness exercise (Anchoring Heart Technique) that can be used with PTSD patients when they are triggered. The value of sponsoring a Fallen Comrades ceremony to heal the unmourned loss and unforgiven guilt that sometimes lingers in war’s aftermath will be provided. As a VA hospice Nurse Practitioner, Deborah Grassman took care of more than 10,000 dying Veterans. Join her as she provides an enlightened perspective on the special needs of our aging Vietnam veterans, including women Veterans.

Unsung Heroes: Family Members of Veterans

(2013. Playing time: 10 min)
This video is an interview with the son of a career-Marine. It was made spontaneously by Deborah during the filming of Wounded Warriors when the cameraman identified with many of the issues she was talking about. Although not intended to be representative of family life in the military, it nevertheless, provides talking points for provocative discussion while sensitizing viewers to possible issues for military families. It reminds us that the military not only affects individuals, but whole family systems.

Frozen in War – Trailer

(Running Time: 5 minutes)
The Welcome Your Soldier Home (WYSH) Project Documentary searches for a solution to the growing epidemic of suicides among active-duty soldiers and veterans. The movie shows soldiers that life after war can still be meaningful, even though they may continue to live with the changes war has put them through. The film explores practical and effective strategies some soldiers are using to recognize and embrace the transformation that starts when a soldier goes to war, and that must be completed before a soldier can recover from the psychological and moral trauma of war identified by Grassman as Soul Injury®. Interviews are done with Iraq vet and suicide survivor Andrew O’Brien, noted authors and veteran counselors Edward Tick and Deborah Grassman, and a cast of other experts, veterans, and active-duty servicemen and women.

Living and Dying Healed

(2012. Playing time: 39 min)
Interviewed by award-winning commercial film-maker, Burton Greenburg, Deborah discusses philosophical issues surrounding life, death, and aging.

It’s About How You LIVE! Interview

(2017. Playing time: 39 min)
Deborah Grassman talks with Tina Ketchie Stearns about what a Soul Injury® is, why we should be concerned with Soul Injury®, and how you can help people with Soul Injury®. Tina is Speaker, Educator and Author who has worked in the hospice and elder care industry for many years educating medical professionals and caregivers about hospice and end of life care, advance care planning, care giving, long term care communities and grief.

Spreading Virtual Awareness on Soul Injury®

Watch this COMPELLING PODCAST as the ‘Lawyer’s Daughter’ interviews Opus Peace Founders, Deborah Grassman & Marie Bainbridge. In this webinar, you will -Witness the excitement that an interviewer has to hear about how to respond to Soul Injury® -Gain ideas for how YOU can use strategies to help you effectively utilize media-friendly tactics to bring together a wider audience through virtual platforms -Articulate language about Soul Injury® in ways that pull people in and promote a desire to learn more -Discover tips and strategies for getting a podcast seen by as many people as possible

Soul Injury® Montage

Watch this 2-minute video on how addressing Soul Injury® can transform lives.

RELEASING Loss, Fear, and Helplessness After the Pandemic

This 4-minute video helps people mourn their many losses and learn how to stay grounded during these times of anxiety, helplessness, stress, and trauma. It is also designed to be shown to large groups of people: workplace settings, faith communities, and news outlets. This is an opportunity to learn how unmourned loss/hurt is a causative factor for anxiety and how to release the pain of helplessness and fear. (Produced by Opus Peace Non-profit Organization, providing educational products that address Soul Injury®).