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Wounded Warriors: Their Last Battle

(2013. Playing time: 1 Hour 22 min)
Many military experiences impact peaceful dying for veterans – even though their deaths might occur decades later. The stoic military culture, combat training, and war itself can change a veteran in fundamental ways. Emotional, spiritual, social, and moral injuries they have sustained impact them throughout their lifetime, especially as they face death. This video sensitizes viewers with the unique needs of veterans as they age and face the end of their lives. It provides enlightenment to both healthcare providers as well as veterans and their families.

This version of Wounded Warriors: Their Last Battle updates Deborah’s original, pioneering 2004 DVD that was widely distributed across the country to awaken the nation to the unique needs of dying veterans. This video has new information, as well as a moving slide presentation, We Support You Too, that provides an opportunity for veterans in the audience to be acknowledged and thanked for their service. It also has an interview with the son of a Marine. Although not intended to be representative of family life in the military, it provides points for provocative discussion while sensitizing viewers to possible issues for military families – the unsung heroes who often receive no recognition for their service to our country.

Soul Injury®: Attempted Suicide, Helplessness, and Healing

Presenter: Stephanie Turner, Opus Peace Ambassador Description: Grief literature about the unique sorrows that accompany a loved one’s suicide is readily available. What is NOT readily available are the unique sorrows that accompany suicide attempts. Stephanie Turner, a critical care nurse and a hospice nurse, will open your eyes to the losses that occur for both the survivor and the family.

Soul Injury® Individual Membership

Education, Expertise, Discounts, Resource Materials and so more! An Opus Peace Soul Injury® Individual Membership provides individuals with the opportunity to be part of the grassroots Soul Injury® international movement to provide educational programs that help reckon with the unassessed wound of Soul Injury®.

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Anchoring Heart Technique, a Self-Help Resource

Do you want to learn how to stay in your own skin – especially when you are anxious, angry, or upset? Unmourned loss and hurt becomes stored in your body, subtly and not-so-subtly sabotaging your full potential. This 9-minute video will show you a simple 3-step technique you can use so you can stay connected to your authentic self. This self-help tool can be used in real time to help you stop avoiding feelings you don’t want to feel, as well as help you resist numbing uncomfortable feelings. Using the Anchoring Heart Technique helps you re-wire your brain! (Produced by Opus Peace Non-profit Organization, providing educational products that address Soul Injury®).