Soul Injury® Corporate Membership Benefits

Intensive On-Site Staff Training

  • Identify and respond to Soul Injury®
  • Complete exercises to help people reconnect with their BE-ing
  • Provide self-help tools that respond to unmourned loss/hurt, unforgiven guilt/shame, and fear of helplessness/loss of control

Soul Injury® Toolkit

  • Empower customers with tools they can self-implement, saving the time of your staff
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations about important issues that may be interfering with a person’s inner peace
  • Includes two ceremonies to reduce distress and ease burdens—one for caregivers and one for Veterans

Video-Based Online Training

  • Effectively train your staff with an easy and engaging, informative, online training platform
  • Our robust library of educational resources includes:
    • Self-Compassioning
    • Trauma, Stress, & the Brain
    • Guilt, Shame, & Forgiveness
    • Liberating Unmourned Loss
    • Fear of Helplessness
    • Soul Injury®
    • Fear of Emotional Pain
    • Wholistic Modalities
    • Aging
    • Care for Veterans and their Caregivers
    • More