Program Mission

The 4-day Soul Injury® Institute helps you to develop the skills and be provided with the tools you need to become an effective Soul Injury® leader in your community, in your workplace, or in your family.

In 4 Days You Will...

Learn how to release unmourned loss/hurt, unforgiven guilt/shame, and fear of helplessness/loss of control.

Become part of the Soul Injury movement to relieve suffering and contribute to the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.

Receive materials to provide educational programs in healthcare and wellness programs.

"The exercises and tools used to re-own and re-home the pain and guilt/shame were simple yet powerful. It was unlike anything I have experienced or read about In my extensive study of trauma recovery."- Dr. Robert Carroll MD

Program Highlights

  • Discover how Soul Injuries® may be keeping you from your BE-ing.
  • Study the anatomy and physiology of the pre-and post-trauma brain.
  • Learn how to release unmourned loss and hurt that may be unconsciously sabotaging your life.
  • Learn how to liberate unforgiven guilt and shame.
  • Discover how fear of helplessness and loss of control may be controlling your life.
  • Experience a “More than Thank-You” ceremony designed to help Veterans heal residual military distress.
  • Participate in a Caregiver Ceremony designed to help personal and professional caregivers identify and release the losses they chronically experience.
  • Utilize 12 self-help tools that facilitate hope and healing.


individuals: $850 each

Late registration fee after October 1, 2024 $1,175 each

Group Discount:

3-9 attendees:$750 each

10+ attendees:$700 each

Veterans & First Responders:$700 each