MasterPEACE offers online courses that will equip you with the self-help tools you need to cultivate personal peace, connect to your deeper self, release the fear of emotional pain, and more. Click below to read more, explore courses, and sign-up. The first lesson of each course is free.

Anchor Your Heart

Learn an Opus Peace practice that has helped thousands of people learn how to find brave space within yourself by letting pain and peace sit side by side together without fear. Click below to learn more, download the printable guide, and watch the video.

Institute Training

The 4-day Soul Injury® Institute helps you to develop the skills and be provided with the tools you need to become an effective Soul Injury® leader in your community, in your workplace, or in your family.

Speaking Engagements

We offer compelling speaking engagements on a variety of topics focused on liberating unmourned loss/hurt, unforgiven guilt/shame, and fear of helplessness/loss of control. Programs include tools to revitalize the soul and help people reconnect with their BE-ing.

Professional Publications

Explore our free library of publications and videos that can help you guide others on their journey to heal the relationship they have with themselves.

Educational Events

View our upcoming educational events which include Webinars and Speaking Engagements. Click below to view the schedule or to hire a speaker. We hope to see you soon!

Soul-Restoration Ceremonies

The best way to treat Soul Injury is to prevent its occurrence. Once a Soul Injury occurs, it is important to respond. Ceremonies are an effective way to both prevent and respond to Soul Injuries.

Opus Peace Licensed Educator

Be an agent of peace. Make a difference in the lives of those you touch with the Soul Injury message. Your friends will thank you. Your family will thank you. Your community will thank you!

Cultivate in me the willingness to re-own, re-home, and re-vitalize scattered pieces of myself so
wholeness can be restored.
Grow in me the honesty, courage, and humility
to release my fears of who I am and who I am not.
Fuel me with your grace.