Who Is at Risk of Acquiring a Soul Injury®?

Soul Injuries® can affect anyone, including:

  • Those who feel like they are not good enough, smart enough, handsome enough, strong enough—not enough.
  • Victims of sexual assault, accidents, natural disasters, bullying, abuse, or neglect
  • Those who have experienced heartache, loss of personal health, death of a loved one, or divorce
  • Minorities and marginalized groups
  • Veterans, first responders, and healthcare workers who deal with serious illness and death

Commonly, people who believe they are not “good enough” or who feel they do not fit in suffer from an insidious Soul Injury®.

Traumatic Soul Injuries® might occur suddenly, but they also commonly occur gradually, insidiously corroding a sense of self.

What Are the Traits of a Soul Injury®?

Often, individuals are unaware they have a Soul Injury®, yet they are experiencing feelings that cause them to feel disconnected from their sense of self. These feelings include:

  • Fear of who we are and who we are not
  • Fear of emotional pain with subsequent numbing behaviors
  • A haunting sense of being defective, inadequate, or unworthy
  • A sense of emptiness and meaninglessness that impacts your sense of BE-ing

Peace Begins in Me

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"The only difference between ordinary people and Heroes is Heroes don't waste their suffering."
- Deborah Grassman