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TED Talk on Soul Injury® with Deborah Grassman

Few people have been with 10,000 dying veterans; five VA hospice nurses have. What these nurses witnessed is providing lessons for the rest of the world. The lessons are about how to attain personal peace, and ironically, these lessons have come from people who were trained for war and from people who were dying. The nurses discovered a phenomenon that has become identified as “Soul Injury®.” Watch this video to learn more about the grassroots movement that is bringing SOUL INJURY® to everyone’s attention.

Thank You is Not Enough: Helping Veterans Unburden

Attaining a peaceful death is the aim of most Hospice interventions for Veterans. Learning how to create safe emotional environments for untold military stories to emerge is a skill set that Veteran caregivers need to cultivate. Untold stories often emerge at the end of life – stories that sometimes encompass Soul Injuries® that might complicate peaceful dying. The public’s patriotic projection of the “ideal” warrior discourages military personnel from telling stories that run counter to the “perfect soldier” image; opportunities for healing untold stories are then missed. If not designed well, pinning ceremonies that only reflect honor and glory can inadvertently silence these stories, thwarting the unburdening process. This webinar will help the viewer understand how end-of-life ceremonies need to do more than thank a Veteran; they need to facilitate the unburdening process. You will hear from several We Honor Veterans partners who are adjusting their programs and ceremonies to include the “unburdening” process.