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Implanted Cardiac Defibrillators

Hospice and Technological Dilemmas (running time: 3 min 18 sec)

The advancement of technology has, thankfully, improved both the quantity and quality of life. We’ve learned much about when to start technologized medical care. What we are still learning is how to stop technology when it no longer improves quality or quantity of life. This video on implanted defibrillators (as well as the video on prognostication) can precipitate thought-provoking discussion about the use of technology at the end of life. It highlights some of the moral dilemmas that confront patients, families, and professionals as technological advances cause tricky decision-making processes for all involved.

Wounded Warriors: Their Last Battle

(2013. Playing time: 1 Hour 22 min)
Many military experiences impact peaceful dying for veterans – even though their deaths might occur decades later. The stoic military culture, combat training, and war itself can change a veteran in fundamental ways. Emotional, spiritual, social, and moral injuries they have sustained impact them throughout their lifetime, especially as they face death. This video sensitizes viewers with the unique needs of veterans as they age and face the end of their lives. It provides enlightenment to both healthcare providers as well as veterans and their families.

This version of Wounded Warriors: Their Last Battle updates Deborah’s original, pioneering 2004 DVD that was widely distributed across the country to awaken the nation to the unique needs of dying veterans. This video has new information, as well as a moving slide presentation, We Support You Too, that provides an opportunity for veterans in the audience to be acknowledged and thanked for their service. It also has an interview with the son of a Marine. Although not intended to be representative of family life in the military, it provides points for provocative discussion while sensitizing viewers to possible issues for military families – the unsung heroes who often receive no recognition for their service to our country.

Unsung Heroes: Family Members of Veterans

(2013. Playing time: 10 min)
This video is an interview with the son of a career-Marine. It was made spontaneously by Deborah during the filming of Wounded Warriors when the cameraman identified with many of the issues she was talking about. Although not intended to be representative of family life in the military, it nevertheless, provides talking points for provocative discussion while sensitizing viewers to possible issues for military families. It reminds us that the military not only affects individuals, but whole family systems.

Accepting the Ashes: PTSD Support Audio Book

(2013. Playing time: 58 min)
Her father did two tours of duty in the Viet Nam war. Now, Quynn Elizabeth, offers her story to anyone who needs it. Written and narrated by Quynn, she depicts her father’s experiences in combat, his struggles with Post Traumatic Stress, his aching heart sadness and alcoholism all his adult life even though he didn’t get diagnosed with PTSD until 1992. Written after his death, Quynss’s story is both poignant and inspiring.

Thank You is Not Enough: Helping Veterans Unburden

Attaining a peaceful death is the aim of most Hospice interventions for Veterans. Learning how to create safe emotional environments for untold military stories to emerge is a skill set that Veteran caregivers need to cultivate. Untold stories often emerge at the end of life – stories that sometimes encompass Soul Injuries® that might complicate peaceful dying. The public’s patriotic projection of the “ideal” warrior discourages military personnel from telling stories that run counter to the “perfect soldier” image; opportunities for healing untold stories are then missed. If not designed well, pinning ceremonies that only reflect honor and glory can inadvertently silence these stories, thwarting the unburdening process. This webinar will help the viewer understand how end-of-life ceremonies need to do more than thank a Veteran; they need to facilitate the unburdening process. You will hear from several We Honor Veterans partners who are adjusting their programs and ceremonies to include the “unburdening” process.

Caring for the Veteran Caregiver Conference: Soul Injury®

This session is from the Caregiver Coalition of Northeast Florida’s Virtual Caring for the Veteran Caregiver Conference on September 25th, 2020. Featuring Deborah Grassman, ARNP of Opus Peace.