Professional Publications

VA Transforms EOL Care for Veterans

Turning Personal Grief into Personal Growth.

Learn how this nurse allowed oncology patients to change her own life.

Six Tools to Promote Healing at the End of Life

Veterans Health System Journal. Vol.6 (2). Six Tools to Promote Healing at the End of Life. You only get one chance to die. Don’t miss the opportunity to show up for it. These tools helps people be present for their death.

Aging: Redeeming the Destiny We Were Born to Fulfill

zLiving With Grief-Aging America. HFA.If aging is a poison, is it possible it might be a healing poison? This potential reality requires changing our relationship to the numerous, multi-dimensional losses incurred throughout the aging process.

Healing a Broken Life

Urologic Nursing. Vol.29 (1). Healing a Broken Life: Drug Addiction can greatly complicate peaceful dying. However, dying people are fertile ground for healing.

Disabilities and Health

Journal of Religion, Disability, & Health. Vol.12 (3). Disabilities and Health: Do you have any prejudice against certain groups of patients? This nurse describes her transformation from judgmental attitude toward Vietnam Veterans with PTSD to understanding and compassion.

Belonging: An Increasingly Lost Reality

Liv Fun. Vol.4 (3). Belonging: An Increasingly Lost Reality. Loss of community and connection breed isolation and loneliness – issues that become increasingly prominent in aging America.