Professional Publications


Oxford Textbook of Palliative Nursing. Education is needed to inform those working in home and non-VA facilities to help understand the special needs of veterans at end of life.

The Threshold of Death: Fertile Ground for Healing

American Journal of Hospice & Palliative Care Medicine. Vol. 23 (3). The Threshold of Death: Fertile Ground for Healing. Dying people are fertile ground for healing. With some guidance, this patient healed his bitterness, expressing love and gratitude.

Bedside Patient Care Conferencing

Pain Management and End-of-Life Care. VA. Bedside Patient Care Conferencing: Patient meetings sitting at bedside with families in physical or virtual attendance transforms interdisciplinary team rounds.

Healing a Broken Life

Urologic Nursing. Vol.29 (1). Healing a Broken Life: Drug Addiction can greatly complicate peaceful dying. However, dying people are fertile ground for healing.

Fortressing: A Different Kind of Soul Care

Drug Addiction not only interferes with peaceful dying, it can complicate bereavement.

Facing Death: Awakening a Passion for Life

Indian Journal of Palliative Care. Vol.13 (2). Facing Death: Awakening a Passion for Life. A POW’s terrifying experiences breaks him open to a passion-filled life and a “blissful” death.

Development of Inpatient Oncology Programs

Oncology Nursing Forum. Vol.20 (4). Development of Inpatient Oncology Programs: Few words can evoke such an immediate, adverse, life-changing reaction as the word “cancer”. Read about a multi-disciplinary teaching program that empowers oncology patients and their families.

Belonging: An Increasingly Lost Reality

Liv Fun. Vol.4 (3). Belonging: An Increasingly Lost Reality. Loss of community and connection breed isolation and loneliness – issues that become increasingly prominent in aging America.