Wounds of Suffering: Gathering Scattered Pieces of Self after Sexual Violence Workshop

“One day it may dawn on you that it really did happen, and it happened to YOU,  and you really were hurt.

You will no longer need to decide whether to see yourself as victim, or hero, or both.

You will not be ‘healed’.

But your consciousness can embrace the whole of your hurt self.”

-Martha Ramsey

Where I Stopped

(Sexual Assault Victim at age 13)



It takes considerable trust and courage to remember and re-MEMBER scattered pieces of self that became disconnected after sexual assault. Using her personal story, Dr. Jo Wakeela Jones addresses how sexual violence impacts a victim’s body, brain, self-image, and self-worth: “Each of the 4 assaults I endured over my lifetime caused me to ‘dis-member’ pieces of myself; each dis-memberment was different and yet the same. I now recognize these ‘Soul Injuries’ in others, and I’m continually struck by just how difficult it is for us to have gone through the unspeakable and then have to figure out how to convey the essence of what we went through. It is so much easier for us to talk about what was done TO us, rather than to notice, feel, and put into words the reality of our internal experience.” Nationally-acclaimed author and presenter, Deborah Grassman, will join Dr. Jones to provide tools that will awaken victims and their supporters in how to respond to the aftermath of sexual violence so that their consciousness can embrace the ‘whole of their hurt self’. Grassman says that victims sometimes get stuck in the past; they continue to be “there’ and not know how to be ‘here’: “It takes work to get “here”—fully  alive in the present moment and fully present to your REAL self. The intention of this workshop is to help people heal the relationship they have with themselves so they can experience their REAL self.”


Workshop is virtual on the Zoom platform from 10:00 AM EST to 5:00PM EST.

6 CEs available for nursing from ANCC

This program is Approved by the National Association of Social Workers (Approval # 886856325-1777) for 6 continuing education contact hours.

6 hours for Counselor certifications in Florida provided by WESTCARE for: Addiction Professional (MCAP), Addiction Professional (CAP), Addiction Counselor (CAC), Behavioral Health Case Manager (CBHCM), Behavioral Health Case Manager Supervisor (CBHCMS), Behavioral Health Case Manager Supervisor (CBHCMS), Prevention Professional (CPP), Prevention Specialist (CPS), Mental Health Professional (CMHP), Recovery Peer Specialist (CRPS), Recovery Support Specialist (CRSS), Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA), Gambling Addiction Counselor (CGAC), Tobacco Treatment Specialist (CTTS), Telehealth Practitioner (CTP), Community Health Worker (CCHW), Child Protection Team Medical Provider (CPTMP), Peer Specialist (NCPS)

Counselor certifications in non-Florida states provided by WESTCARE as a NAADAC-Approved Education provider offering training and education for those who are seeking to become certified/licensed, for those who want to maintain their certification/license at the state or national level, for those who want to add to their education, and for those from other disciplines who want to learn more about substance use and co-occurring disorders.

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  • September 15, 2023 10:00 am   -   5:00 pm
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