A More than "Thank You" Veteran Ceremony for your Community

This ceremony utilizes a digitalized program that a facilitator can provide for Veterans, their families, civilians, and citizens to help Veterans lay their burdens down. Safe sanctuary is provided where sacrifices are acknowledged, honored, mourned, and redeemed.

Family members are also encouraged to attend because they are secondarily impacted by their loved one’s trauma plus, they are the ones providing needed support on a regular basis. They are the “unsung heroes” whose sacrifice often goes unacknowledged.

Civilians and Citizens are encouraged to attend so they can accept their responsibility to help heal our nation after war. They will learn how to provide a safe environment so that the wounds Veterans sustain in our name can be healed together.

Vietnam Veterans are welcomed home in a meaningful way that acknowledges the “secondary wounding” they incurred from the American public and honors their military service.

Your Veteran Ceremony kit includes:

  • Videos educating participants about:
    • The life-long impact of the military on Veterans, especially as they age or face chronic illness
    • How the military impacts Veteran caregivers
    • Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Moral, Injury, and Soul Injury
    • Secondary wounding and the special needs of Vietnam Veterans
  • A facilitator’s guide to administer the program
  • Supplemental materials: Wounds of Suffering chart, Anchoring Heart Technique card
  • Directions for making Vietnam Beads