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MasterPEACE Programs Empower You to...

  • Liberate unmourned loss and hurt.
  • Release unforgiven guilt and shame.
  • Stop numbing feelings of helplessness.
  • Learn how to stop controlling the uncontrollable
  • Reckon with change, distress, and trauma
  • Remove barriers keeping you from being you

“Once the log jam is opened, the river flows again.”- Milton Erickson

Explore Our Courses

Below, you will find the available MasterPEACE courses that will help you cultivate personal peace, restore your soul, and release the pain that prevents you from experiencing your true self.

Peace Begins In Me

Learn how to penetrate defensive, intimidating inner terrain that might be preventing you from encountering your loving, grace-filled, compassionate self that hides its vulnerability in your depths.

Soul Injury® Essentials

Dive Deeper into Soul Injury® and learn the essentials.

Releasing Fear of Emotional Pain

Learn how fear of emotional pain, loss and hurt prevents us from living fully in the present moment.

Making Peace with Helplessness

Become surprised with how helplessness, irrational guilt, and controlling behaviors may be keeping you stuck.

Liberating Unmourned Loss and Hurt

Be surprised with how connecting with the part of self carrying loss, pain, disappointment, and failure liberates resiliency.

FREE Anchoring Heart Technique

Learn how to stay in your own skin, especially when you are anxious, angry, or upset.