Solitude Farmz Presents Hospice, The Personal Caregiver and Wholistic Tools

Are you looking for practical tools and practices that can help you connect with your deepest self?
Are you interested in learning how to cultivate WISDOM so you can TRUST the essence of who you really are?
If so, the OP library of Wholistic Tools and Practices can help.The lessons will explore wholistic ways to help you connect to your  … to your sense of SELF.
At Opus Peace, we call this BEHOLDING – HOLDING your BEING.

What if you already have everything you need in order to be whole?
What if it’s NOT about overcoming, enduring, or rising above problems,

but rather learning how to connect with who you ALREADY are?

You know, we come into the world with UNFILLED wholeness.
We are pretty much UNCONSCIOUS without much self awareness when we’re born.
The task is to move from UNCONSCIOUSNESS to CONSCIOUSNESS so that by the time
we reach the END OF OUR LIVES, we completely inhabit ourselves,
we are FULLY AWAKE. But what happens in between?

Life happens and we get separated from who we really are.

The work becomes Re-owning these scattered pieces of self & then creating a SAFE PLACE so those scattered pieces of self can come back home – Re-Homing.
THAT’S how we grow into our full selves …………. how we can experience the ENERGY of our BEING.

A continental breakfast and light lunch will be served.

Trails will be open on the property to enjoy until 5:00PM EST



3 or more people from one organization-$60 per person


PRE-REGISTRATION/Payment by credit card is required in advance.
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  • September 8, 2023 10:00 am   -   4:00 pm
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