Solitude Farmz Presents Caregiver Distress and Well-Being

Professional caregivers often experience significant losses as they are exposed to seriously ill, traumatized, or suffering patients.


This can produce notable physical and emotional symptoms in the healthcare provider, interfering with their personal and professional well-being. The literature now recognizes this as “Secondary Traumatic Stress Disorder;” unfortunately, it often goes unassessed. Revitalizing the weary healthcare provider’s heart that is wary of any further changes in their ever-demanding workplace is a modern-day challenge that sometimes threatens to squeeze the soul out of our work. This occurs because we often disconnect from the part of ourself that is carrying the distress. This disconnection unwittingly contributes to loss of energy, emptiness, and “compassion fatigue.” Re-connecting with the part of self generating the pain, paradoxically, restores wholeness. Experience self-care and self-compassion from a surprising perspective that can reVitalize your very soul.

A continental breakfast and light lunch will be served.

Trails will be open on the property to enjoy until 5:00PM EST



3 or more people from one organization-$60 per person


PRE-REGISTRATION/Payment by credit card is required in advance.
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  • June 9, 2023 10:00 am   -   4:00 pm
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