Cultivate a community of people who have the honesty, courage, and humility required to re-own, re-home, and re-vitalize scattered pieces of self that either traumatically or insidiously become disconnected from the soul. You will grow in awareness within an emotionally-safe environment that allows as much or as little personal growth to emerge as desired by each participant.

Hero Within book circle will help you:

- Give and receive en-couragement to awaken your interior hero to redeem the destiny you were born to fulfill.

- Bear witness to participants who learn how the things they are fleeing are the very things that will free them up!

- Learn from each other about a straightforward process of healing that retrieves scattered aspects of self: abiding, reckoning, and beholding.

Peace At Last book circle will help you:

- Gain a deeper understanding of SOUL INJURY that occurs in the aftermath of war and trauma, including SOUL INJURIES that you have insidiously incurred!

- Share unforgettable stories filled with deep warrior wisdom gained from dying veterans – wisdom that many non-dying veterans do not realize, and wisdom that non-veterans can apply to their own lives.

- Recognize how military culture impacted you and your family members, acquiring insights that will surprise you.

- Accept your civilian role in facilitating healing for veterans and their families.