Ralph Ozmun, Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice
Morristown, TN

Our Executive Director at Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice, Tammy Francis, supports the Soul Injury movement.  When we emerge as a thought leader in this movement, the investment will start to pay intangible returns. The Soul Injury message is Hospice's GIFT to the Medical Community; hospice will become part of a value-added TEAM, rather than the last resort. Then we will invited in to the care plan early on, not at the last minute. When January becomes national "Soul Injury Awareness Month" and Soul Injury language is included in the DSM and the ICD, then all will realize that “a small group of thoughtful, committed, individuals ....have changed the world.” Thank you for your tireless, continuous effort...

This is about healing the hurt in people so they don’t go out and hurt others. Soul Injury exists in some form in MOST people. It gives me great personal satisfaction to bring awareness to the concepts of Soul Injury, and then to hear others identify their Soul Injuries. I promote Soul Injury awareness because it can bring liberation to the unsuspecting.

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