Heather Moore, Lakeland VA Outpatient Clinic
Lakeland, FL

I have had major breakthroughs with some of the OEF/OIF veterans I work with, all of which have included varying levels of focus on Soul Injury. It’s so exciting! I love bringing this message to others.

Irene Counts

I want to thank Opus Peace TREMENDOUSLY for the opportunity to experience the pilgrimage you facilitated! Obviously, from the breakdowns & enormous amount of tissues I went through, after 50-some years, I needed to fully face and release those bottled-up feelings!  (Even though I felt I had coped & done remarkably well over the years!) I appreciated being warmly welcomed into a ‘soul family’ that encouraged (actually, Deborah  p-r-o-d-d-e-d me) to climb that mountain & return down yet another time, with gusto and real understanding of the process.

Jacqueline Thea
Bend, OR

I want to thank you for the great contribution you have made to us all. For me you have provided the "missing piece" of the spiritual/soul work I've been doing for over 30 years. You have put Soul Injury into an acceptable language. Your experiences and writing speak directly to us all. Thank you again for the beautiful expression of your soul.

Jamey Boudreaux, Louisiana-Mississippi Hospice & Palliative Care Organization

I have seen this presentation on Soul Injury and it is ground breaking! I am going to start changing how I teach my course at the University to include this concept.

Jean Espenshade
Madison, WI

It delights me to honor you and support you and your work.  You are an inspiration.  I value your care of those in need.  What you do every day represents the best of nursing practice.  Thank you.

Jo Anna Rollings

I am a RVN Army Nurse retired vet, also with Bronze Star.  I'm writing because I was stunned by the excellence of Deborah Grassman's legacy, quality, and sharing of developed educational materials, and Vimeo Wounded Warriors video.  Kudos to you, thank you again for the remarkable quality of work.

John DaSilva, Amedysis Home Health Care
Rhode Island

I started a book community at a local nursing home using the book Peace at Last. I always learn something new about myself. The Veterans and their families aren’t the only ones healing their Soul Injuries.

John R
Green Bay, WI

From your Fallen Comrades Ceremony, I learned to hear one Veteran’s story. As a result, I have been working very closely with him to help with medical, benefits, visits to his Congressman’s  office, and fundraising activities for his cancer treatments in Houston, plus some family reconciliation moments. One of these events morphed into an unbelievable opportunity. Opus Peace team: We learned so much from the time spent with you and how to gently move forward with dignity.

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