Sally Daub
Nevada, IA

I have always been a seeker. I had a gaping wound. I wanted to know where to find help, I was searching for answers. Then I heard Deborah speak. I could only say thank you. Learning about Soul Injury gave me three things: 1) understanding and named my pain, 2) validating my suffering, and 3) safety, you had my back

Scott Johnson, Warriors First

The training at the Institute made all the concepts that I’ve learned about trauma GEL. The term Soul Injury gives me a meaningful way now to articulate the wound that leaves ‘bones in the valley’ (Ezekiel). Soul Restoration tools that I learned are what puts tendons, flesh, and breath to the bones so they can come back to life.

Stephanie Turner, Kansas City Hospice
Kansas City, MO

The Institute training was amazing. I am becoming the leader I’ve always wanted to be by learning about Soul Injuries – they are everywhere and now I have the tools to respond.

Sue Gipson
Princeton, IN

The change in my husband after the Fallen Comrade ceremony is profound!  He is living life now not just existing. Our children have tears in their eyes when they see the difference in him.

Volunteer Coordinator, District Director, Bayada Hospice

While reading this proclamation, I felt sad, especially for Veterans who struggle every day. As I continue to read it, I gain a sense of hope for the possibility of people no longer suffering. Bringing this to the forefront, even if it only hits one person, would be a great accomplishment. Helping people deal with emotions that they have been taught to push down by having a focus month each year is amazing!

Zach Holt , AseraCare Hospice
Richmond, VA

Deborah, we just finished with our morning meeting and the response from the event yesterday was overwhelming! In fact, one of our nurses shared a story about a patient that she saw that afternoon and how the event changed her perspective. We will now start every Monday meeting with a veteran story! Thank you so much!

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