Kathryn H

I attended Deborah's presentation at Seasons Hospice about Soul Injury. It initiated an insight that was a final shift in preparation to visit my family. I realized in the presentation that I can be with them by tenderly holding my own pain and ensuring my soul's safety with healthy boundaries. Also, that I don't need to feel responsible for fixing their suffering to love them. I was able to see them with compassion. I feel ready to see them. I can feel love for them, which I have not experienced in a very long time. I'm so grateful for Deborah's vital work.

Kathy Lowery-Gallowitz, Lt-Col., Veteran Vanguard LLC
Dayton, OH

Thank you for your courage and leadership. It is my honor to work alongside you and help champion this important movement.

Katie Border, SW, Valley Hospice
Wheeling, WV

Deborah. I just wanted you to know that the day I spent hearing your presentations on various materials, has stuck with me over the last 3 years, and informed my practice every single day.

Katie Ross, Office of U.S. Senator Bill Nelson
Jacksonville, FL 

I recently attended one of your talks at Community Hospice in Jacksonville. Thank you so much for speaking to the group. I took some wonderful personal lessons home with me. Your keynote address really got me thinking about how to better connect to myself, my loved ones and the constituents I work with.

Kelly Keller, Center for Faith Studies
Omaha, NE

In Deborah Grassman’s book Peace at Last, I was struck by the following passage that she wrote about herself: “To me, prayer is where I’m stripped naked; I require strict honesty and accountability. One day, I caught myself self-righteously praying for peace as if I weren’t connected to the wars that abound in the world. In that moment, I was confronted with my illusion and my hypocrisy that my unresolved conflicts don’t contribute the energy that fuels war.”

Larry R, Army Veteran

Just hearing the term ‘soul injury’ gave me hope. It validates that something happened to me… something that can be healed.                                                                    

Leann Thrapp, RN, Mercy Hospital
Cedar Rapids, IA

The Institute taught me how to re-own, re-home, and re-vitalize painful pieces of myself and help others do so as well has been invaluable to me personally and professionally.

Linda W. , Vietnam Veteran U.S. Army
All my life, I didn’t think of my trauma as a Soul Injury, but it all makes so much more sense to me now L, and because of this retreat, my life is changed forever.  My soul is healing. 
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