Bruce Gipson
Princeton, IN

After the Fallen Comrade Ceremony, I can now enjoy my life without that ever-present feeling of overwhelming sadness and disengagement. I haven’t felt like this before even with all the PTSD treatment I’ve had.            

Catherine Barton, RN, Bayada Home Health
Philadelphia, PA

We recognized Soul Injury in one of our patients! It really helped.

Catherine Tye, RN
Great Britain

Peace at Last gave me the perspective to see a fellow nurse’s journey in navigating and providing for the spiritual (body and energetic) as well as mental needs of clients outside of the accepted ‘norm’. There is no roadmap or instruction manual for this. You discuss ‘validation’ and I was brought to tears as what I read offered me validation of my trial and error approach to my work over the past 10 years in the field of occupational health. Reading your book and seeing how you were brave enough to do things differently made me realize how much pressure I had shouldered as an independent specialist practitioner.

Debbie A'Hearn, Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice

I called on a medical group today whose office is divided into several pods. The first pod I entered was having a stressful day. I shared the Anchoring Heart Technique with them and shared with them about Soul Injuries. Everyone sat in silence. You could hear a pin drop as I led them through how to do it. Afterwards, the mood in the room was completely different, almost lighthearted. As I went from pod to pod, I related the experience of the first group and continued to introduce them to Soul Injury. That gave me an idea: Since February is heart health month, I’m going to make a leaflet with the Anchoring Heart Technique verbiage. Than use the leaflets to introduce Soul Injury and the Anchoring Heart Technique to ALL of my contacts and referral sources throughout the whole month of February.

Diane Hummel Spruill

I attended the presentation today in Bethlehem, PA. I wanted to tell you that I learned so much that I will start to use immediately in my practice. I do home hospice, and I never thought early on in my career that I would feel comfortable talking to people about death and dying. One of the topics that touched me the most today were the letters to "Bailey.” I just had to thank you for today!

Diane Jones, SW, Ethos Consulting
Newark, DE

After I participated at the Institute, I had a dream. I was driving a dump trunk and I was going around gathering all the scattered pieces of myself! That’s really what occurs with the training.

Enver Rahmanov, Sutter Home Health & Hospice
San Francisco, CA

We absolutely loved your presentations out here in the Bay area. Here are just a few of the testimonials afterward by participants:

Deborah was interesting from the moment she started until the moment she ended. This was helpful on so many levels but I think what I was most intrigued with was the variety of people with whom these techniques would apply. What a useful eye-opener.

Deborah opened our thoughts to the silent pain of "Soul Injuries" caused by feelings unmourned loss, unforgiven guilt, self-sabotage and pain.

Thank you for the Soul Injury event. It was an amazing gift to me.

Eric Walsh, MD, Kindred Hospice
Portland, OR

The Opus Peace team is united in the passion of a common cause, Soul Injury. They are deeply tied into one another, almost by telepathy.  Like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The commitment among the audience was as great as theirs, which made me think the Soul Injury movement has momentum.

Dare I say "wow?"  Thank you for a very moving and soul-stretching 4 days.  My head is still kind of spinning.

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