Liberating unmourned loss/hurt and unforgiven guilt/shame

Ralph Ozmun

Opus Peace National Award Recipient

2016 Opus Peace Award Recipient

Volunteer Coordinator
Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice
Morristown, Tennessee

Ralph Ozmun has provided unswerving leadership. At the Georgia Hospice & Palliative Care Nurses conference, he not only helped the Opus Peace team provide the workshop, but encouraged 5 colleagues attend plus had the owner of several nursing homes in the area attend. He has also provided an Opus Peace webinar that was filled with information, practical application, stories, and wisdom that has changed the formatting for subsequent webinars. He provided 225 The Hero Within books to his organization so that every staff member could have tools to access their Hero Within. 

Ralph is a passionate advocate for Veterans, providing a Fallen Comrades Ceremony for Veterans, Families, and Civilians at a nursing home with “packed house” attendance, including a radio interview that expertly articulated Opus Peace, Fallen Comrades principles, Fallen Comrades Ceremonies, and the Soul Injury mission. He has given more than 100 Peace at Last books to veterans and staff to raise awareness about the needs of Veterans and their families. 

The President of Opus Peace, Marie Bainbridge, cites: “When Ralph left Deborah’s PTSD presentation and realized that his own mother had PTSD and it was making her “contrary” in the nursing home (which was against her nature), and he intervened with the director of nurses to educate the staff and talk to his mom about how helpless she had felt when she had polio, all I could think was “This is one truly special man.”