Liberating unmourned loss/hurt and unforgiven guilt/shame

Jim Rudolph

Opus Peace National Award Recipient

2014 Opus Peace Award Recipient

Proprietor, Veterans Funeral Care
Clearwater, Florida

Jim’s passion for Veterans and their families is quickly evident to anyone who is around him for even a few minutes. His courageous advocacy for responding to the Soul Injuries that Veterans and their families sustain has allowed Opus Peace to develop a powerful, effective ceremonial program. “I heard the term ‘soul injury’ and something leapt out. I had to respond because I had listened to the stories of hundreds of Veterans and their families and ‘soul injury’ captured what I had heard. Now, I’ve used the term with others and they have the same reaction. I just want to help as many veterans as possible have the opportunity to heal from their Soul Injuries.” 

Jim and Veterans Funeral Care sponsored the first Fallen Comrades Ceremony that allowed a national prototype to be developed. When asked to provide the opening welcome at the ceremony, Jim said: “I’d rather not. I’m doing this for the Veterans. I don’t need to get anything else out of it. I just want to be in the background and support what Opus Peace is doing to heal Soul Injuries. I don’t even want Veterans Funeral Care logo used. No one needs to know.” Humility…Thank you Jim for reminding us how humility creates the space so we can be fueled by Grace.