Liberating unmourned loss/hurt and unforgiven guilt/shame

Abi Katz, D.O., M.S., HMDC

Opus Peace National Award Recipient

Building a better world by addressing the individual and collective unrest that plague people and communities

  • Unswerving Leadership: Pioneering Opus Peace has not been a sprint; it has been a MARATHON filled with both dashed hopes and fulfilled dreams. Dr. Katz has hung in with Opus Peace through thick and thin. DEVELOPING programs is very different than IMPLEMENTING them. Development is often time-consuming and can be filled with frustration. In 2013, Dr. Katz helped Opus Peace develop 2-day intensives and helped Opus Peace implement 3 of them in the Tampa Bay area. She helped Opus Peace develop their first Fallen Comrades Ceremony in 2014 and came to St. Petersburg to help lead it. She helped implement the first on-the-road Fallen Comrade Ceremony in Wisconsin and drove to Wisconsin to help put it on. She helped develop the curriculum for the first 4-day Opus Peace Institute, and helped lead and evaluate the first 3. She helped design the initial Soul Injury Self-Awareness Inventory and is currently leading a research project to prepare for publication on the subject.
  • Passionate Advocacy: This recipient is passionate about hospice and palliative care. She piloted the Founder’s 10-week dying healed course with her own hospice staff. She collaborated with Rachel Naomi Remen in California to tend to the Soul Injuries that physicians and healthcare providers often suffer. Currently, she is collaborating with leaders in Ohio and Tennessee to use Soul Injury principles to improve end-of-life care for patients and families. She is currently working with the co-Founder of Opus Peace to write a book on Caregiving.
  • Humble Service:  Dr. Katz has provided behind-the-scenes services for Opus Peace. She has spent thousands of dollars traveling to Florida to provide services. She has donated countless hours of blood, sweat, time, and attention – and yes some tears – to both the Founders and to Opus Peace to advance the Soul Injury mission. Her role at the current Insitute has come of her own initiative and at her own expense – so that the Soul Injury movement can advance into professional literature and curriculum. In all of her persistent efforts, she has never sought any attention or acknowledgement for her service to Opus Peace. Opus Peace is pleased and proud to present the 2019 Opus Peace award to Dr. Abi Katz.