Liberating unmourned loss/hurt and unforgiven guilt/shame

Opus Peace Ambassadors

Opus Peace Leadership Institute for Soul Injury® 

Attending Leadership Institute is the first step to becoming an Ambassador for Opus Peace. Upon graduation there will be many pathways of opportunities for you to follow.

Opus Peace Ambassador


DESCRIPTION: Someone, that has successfully completed the requirements associated with attending the Opus Peace Leadership Institute for Soul Injury.

PURPOSE: Advance the mission of Soul Injury in their community, workplace, civic organization, faith community, or other desired venue.
Activities may include:
  • Hosting a community-engagement event using the Soul Injury film or the Liberating Unmourned Loss film.
  • Facilitating a “Hero Within” or “Peace at Last” book community.
  • Providing a Soul Injury presentation using Opus Peace power points and slide shows, to your agency or professional conference.
  • Providing a Soul Injury Self-Awareness Inventory powerpoint  presentation or interactive forum using the tool.
  • Facilitating the services of Deborah Grassman or other Educators on the Opus Peace Speaker’s Bureau at your business, conference, or staff training event.
  • Facilitating a “Sole-to-Soul” café.
  • Hosting a booth or exhibit at a community event to educate the public about Soul Injury.
REQUIREMENTS: Ambassadors who have a desire to promote the Soul Injury message using authorized, copyrighted Opus Peace materials in their communities and agencies are required to:
  • Attend a 4-day Leadership Institute for Soul Injury
  • Sign the Ambassador Agreement outlining the terms for using authorized materials.
  • Complete two coaching calls with a successful evaluation before making any presentations.
  • Fulfillment in being part of the Soul Injury movement.
  • Access to a personal mentor for 12 months following graduation.
  • Eligibility to participate in monthly educational webinars on Soul Injury.
  • Opportunity to return to Leadership Institute for further personal growth and development.
  • Opportunity to return to Leadership Institute to acquire further knowledge and skills. This opportunity comes with additional training days and reduced fees.
  • Opportunity to serve on an Opus Peace Advisory Council.

Opus Peace Institute Intern

DESCRIPTION: An Ambassadoe who operates as part of a Team to conduct an Opus Peace Leadership Institute.

PURPOSE: Learn Soul Injury material “from the inside out”, participate in the logistical execution of the Institute, network with others who are part of the Soul Injury movement. 


·   All of the benefits of the Ambassador program apply to the Intern program
·   Development of insight and personal growth as requirements are fulfilled
·   2 days of educational training from Deborah Grassman and the Opus Peace team
·   Deeper relationships with the Opus Peace team and Founders
·   Satisfaction of experiencing the transformation of the participants over 4 days
·   Satisfaction of knowing you helped facilitate that experience