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Anchoring Heart Technique

The Anchoring Heart Technique is an age-old somatic practice that helps people feel more secure when their energy feels flighty. It can be done with yourself whenever you are anxious or become triggered. Or, it can be done with others when they become anxious. It can also be used between healthcare provider and patient or with family members and the patient.

A calm, centered person’s energy usually resides low and deep within themselves. Anxious energy usually rises. You have experienced this yourself, possibly without even realizing it. Think about what happens when you get anxious. Your voice usually gets higher; energy gets flighty. If you just received bad news, you might even gasp and grab your chest near your throat with an open palm, unconsciously trying to anchoryourself. Opus Peace calls this the Anchoring Heart Technique.

People often need anchoring and security, especially during times filled with uncertainty. If a calm person places their open hand on an unsettled person’s sternum, it can often help him/her feel secure, more stable, and less anxious.

You can also use the Anchoring Heart Technique with others. Place your hand firmly on the other person’s heart and just breathe deeply to induce calmness. This often helps the other person feel more connected with themselves and more secure in their own skin.
An alternative form of the Anchoring Heart Technique is to approach the heart from behind – in other words placing your hand firmly on their back between their shoulder blades. This conveys a feeling of “I’ve got your back.” It can be used with people you don’t know well where placing your hand on their heart would be too intimate or too invasive.