Current Soul Injury Members
Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice  
The Soul Injury Membership provides education and self-help tools to support both staff and patient/family needs:
  • STAFF experience burnout when they have the desire to do a good job, but lack the time, skills, or tools to do it (D.Larson 2017)
  • PATIENT AND FAMILIES are seeking answers, guidance, and support through a process that is both foreign and counterintuitive (compared to the traditional medical model) at a time when they are experiencing feelings of loss and fear of the unknown.

The Soul Injury® Membership Advantage

Desktop and mobile apps for staff and patient/family access to:
  • Treat trauma and emotional pain at end of life with easily-implemented tools
  • Implement Fallen Comrades ceremonies for Veterans
  • Increase family participation as partners with the hospice utilizing self-help tools
  • Decrease staff burnout by educating staff on how to manage these difficult cases
  • Implement Caregiver ceremonies for staff 
  • Systematically implement the Soul Injury Self-Awareness Inventory with stff
  • Offer increased communication capability for families to ensure outstanding care delivery
  • Prevent dissatisfied patient/family care with early intervention
  • Demonstrate best in class service to referral sources
  • Meet We Honor Veterans Level 5 requirements
  • Affect star ratings by having tools to address the most difficult scenarios and improving communication

Soul Injury® Membership includes:

Intensive on-site staff training

  • Create awareness and learn the skills and self-help tools needed to offer the Soul Injury Restoration Program.
  • Educate how to recognize unmourned loss/hurt and unforgiven guilt/shame that can sabotage lives and cause both physical and emotional symptoms in the patient and families.
  • Provide self-help tools that reduce time spent identifying patient issues that may hinder peaceful death or healing.
  • Help patients re-own and re-home emotional pain and guilt that enables hope for completing “unfinished business,” connecting with their deepest self, and achieving a death without fear.

Soul Injury® Toolkit

  • Save time by identifying and uncovering “unfinished business” quickly and in a non-threatening manner.
  • Provide tools the patient and/or family can self-implement, saving clinician time and empowering the patientfamily system.
  • Facilitate meaningful conversations about important issues that may be interfering with a
    patient’s inner peace, including trauma memories that may surface unbidden at the end
    of life.
  • Discover insights that help get to “the heart of the matter” quickly and efficiently so time can be spent on meaningful issues that will make a difference in the patient's and family's well being.
  • Yield relevant issues for team meetings and allow alternative discussions that are not only more fruitful for the patient but also more fulfilling for the clinician.
Soul Injury® Training

VIDEO-BASED ONLINE TRAINING, powered by Omnigo Software
Effectively train your staff with an easy and engaging, informative, online training platform
that simplifies tracking of completed trainings. 24/7 access provides users with an ongoing
learning resource for providing intervention and self-help tools to their patients/families as it is needed.
  • ​Increase effectiveness and productivity with easy-to-follow concepts and implementation tips
  • Provide a simple, 4-minute guided imagery that was specifically designed to help staff release the grief they experience after they leave an emotionally-painful situation
  • Track completed staff training and quizzes to evaluate understanding of concepts
  • Ensure effective staff integration with membership support  

Mobile App Access

MOBILE APP, powered by Omnigo Software
Provide your staff, patients, and families, with an easy-to-use mobile app that offers access to resources making families an active participant providing hospice care.  Enables easy reporting of questions, needs, or concerns to help ensure Agency staff provides the highest, expected care.

Contact Angie Snyder, President for more information