Liberating unmourned loss/hurt and unforgiven guilt/shame

Spiritual Care and Meaning: The Paradoxical Dimension

Would you like a coupon that you can cash in to redeem your suffering? Would you be surprised that the coupon would not erase your suffering, but rather draw you into it so you could discover its meaning? 

This presentation collaborates with non-religious based authors and philosophers such as Frankl, Nouwen, and Peck to develop a map for successful suffering. This map opens new vistas for healthcare providers as they interact with their patients. Utilizing her experience of hospice in India, Deborah will also highlight the power of “and” along with the tyranny of “or,” facilitating integration of experience without compartmentalization so you can live in the present moment.


  • Identify essential elements in Viktor Frankl’s conceptual framework of successful suffering, as well as elemental concepts from Nouwen and Peck.
  • Describe ways to provide non-religious, spiritual care.
  • Discuss the power of “and” along with the tyranny of “or.”