Liberating unmourned loss/hurt and unforgiven guilt/shame

Forgiveness: Re-Vitalizing the Wounded Soul

If peace on earth begins with me, then how do I make peace with everyone and everything causing me unrest? Have I ever considered that anger could be a gift, guiding me into the forgiveness process? 

This provocative presentation will challenge your concepts about this essential process. You will learn about the essential steps to facilitate the forgiveness process, common mistakes that are made that interfere with forgiveness, pseudo-forgiveness, as well as the relationship between irrational guilt and helplessness. Tools to promote healing will be addressed and forgiveness exercises provided, including self-reflection, therapeutic letter writing, and integrative rituals. 


  • Define forgiveness, its value, and the effects of non-forgiveness
  • Contrast guilt from shame
  • Articulate common mistakes to be avoided in the forgiveness process
  • Identify processes that facilitate forgiveness
  • Identify tools that facilitate forgiveness