Opus Peace Leadership Institute for Soul Injury®

Are you ready to learn a skill set that enables you or your organization to become a recognized expert on responding to both traumatic and insidious Soul Injuries?  Join Deborah Grassman and the Opus Peace leadership team to learn how to liberate unmourned loss and unforgiven guilt/shame that can sabotage lives. 

Soul Injury Training at the Opus Peace Leadership Institute will give you the skills and tools to provide Soul Injury programs in your community or at your agency. At the Institute, you will be able to experience the effects of a Soul Restoration program both from personal and professional perspectives. Dr. Robert Carroll MD participated in the training. His brutally traumatic childhood led him to pursue a personal interest and study in PTSD and the neurochemistry of the aftermath of trauma and its recovery: “The shift in the room over the four days was palpable. It started with anxiety and trepidation as soul issues were openly addressed, moved into unmourned loss, and then reached into the abyss of unforgiven guilt and shame. The exercises and tools used to re-own and re-home the pain and guilt/shame were simple yet powerful. It was unlike anything I have experienced or read about in my extensive study of trauma recovery.”

At the Soul Injury Leadership Institute, you will learn about:

  • The roles that unmourned loss and unforgiven guilt play in fueling the original Soul Injury 
  • The relationship between helplessness and unreasonable guilt
  • Vicarious trauma and chronic sorrow and how they impact personal and professional caregivers
  • Pseudo-forgiveness, as well as the relationship between enabling and forgiveness
  • Evidence-based anatomy and physiology of the pre-/post- trauma brain 
  • Evidence-based anatomy of the “Me” brain that seeks development from neglect or restoration after trauma
  • The definition, characteristics, and impact of Soul Injury 
  • Creating a personal experience of moving from the conscience to the unconscience mind
  • The value and role of stories, as well as the craft of story-telling in providing a meaningful therapeutic milieu
  • Crafting emotional safety into the design of a ceremonial workshop
  • The three stages of a well-designed ceremonial format that accesses the unconscious
  • Using mythology to move from sole to soul
  • Therapeutic modalities that move healing experiences from the head, beyond the heart, into the gut (the soul) so that embodiment of the soul can become a lived experience
  • The value and role of a symbolic “soul buddy” to foster a protective relationship within your own self based on love rather than fear
  • Implementing handouts, DVDs, powerpoint presentations, and other tools contextualized to meet the needs of your identified audience
  • Marketing strategies that position you to offer something no one else does: Soul Injury programs.
  • The ability to become an Opus Peace Ambassador furthering the message of Soul Injury and the training necessary to provide Soul Injury presentations.
  • Mentorship with an established Opus Peace Ambassador for one year after the training is over.
  • Access to monthly Opus Peace webinars provided by Deborah Grassman and the Opus Peace team.
  • Eligibility to return to the Institute for further training and coaching as an Opus Peace Intern.

Event Details

  • To register, choose an event date below or call Pat at 727-755-4265
  • A 10% discount is applied for early registration (available until 90 days before Institute)
  • Discounts are available for registering 3 or more participants (please contact Pat at 727-755-4265 for bulk discounts)
  • Price includes food, lodging, materials, mentoring x 1 year, and monthly webinars


$1,495.00 (semi-private room)
    Early bird pricing $1,345.50 (semi-private room, up to 90 days prior to event)

$1,995.00 (private room)
    Early bird pricing $1,795.50 (private room, up to 90 days prior to event )

Franciscan Retreat Center
3010 N. Perry Ave
Tampa, FL

No refunds: Cost will be credited toward next institute

Institute Leadership Team

At the Opus Peace Leadership Institute for Soul Injury, you will meet four of the Founders of the Soul Injury movement and collaborate with:

Deborah Grassman ARNP, Founder of Opus Peace and author of the books, Peace at Last: Stories of Hope and Healing for Veterans and Their Families and The Hero Within: Redeeming the Destiny You Were Born to Fulfill. Deborah is most well-known for her pioneering work that identified the unique needs of Veterans as they age.  She is a contributing author for three textbooks; has 22 published articles, and there are four documentary films featuring her work.  In 2002, she introduced "pinning ceremonies" to honor dying veterans -- a ceremony that has now become standard practice in hospices and long-term-care facilities throughout the nation.

Pat McGuire, co-founder of Opus Peace. An ADEC-certified bereavement counselor specializing in grief and traumatic loss, her career with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) lasted for nearly 20 years where she was the Bereavement Coordinator.

Marie Bainbridge, one of the VA hospice nurses who started Opus Peace.  A Vietnam War veteran, Marie received a bronze-star for actions she took to save lives while under attack.

Sheila Lozier, the creator of the symbolic "Soul Buddy" you will receive at the training. This remarkable symbol allows you to tenderly meet yourself in a way you've never quite done before.

Interns: Ambassadors from all over the country who have taken the training at the Institute will be assisting and sharing their stories and expertise in a way that will support and inspire you.

About Opus Peace Institute for Soul Injury

The Soul Injury Leadership training is not a magic solution. Our role is to create an opening where healing can begin. We give people a personal experience of liberation from their pain and guilt/shame. This creates space for the grace of the soul to provide healing and foster self-compassion. Tools are provided to continue the grieving and forgiving process after participants return home. Woven throughout the training are modalities that engage the soul: art therapy, storytelling, labyrinth walking, yoga, and massage therapy. 

Speak to prior Leadership Institute participants about their experiences and recommendations. We will provide you with their email address so you can interact with them directly.

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