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Leadership Ambassadors

Leadership Ambassadors provide programs on Soul Injury at a modest fee. Some may live in your geographic area. CEs are provided by HFA for Soul Injury and PTSD presentations.
Ralph Ozmun, Director of Ambassadors, Opus Peace
New Port Richey, Florida
Ralph is a featured speaker on Soul Injury, Forgiveness, and Fallen Comrade ceremonies. He provided the keynote address at the Canadian conference on PTSD. His previous experience includes being the Director of Volunteers at Smoky Mountain Home Health & Hospice. "Hurting people hurt other people. The Soul Injury movement is addressing not only the hurt that people feel, but also the fear of feeling that hurt."
Angela Snyder, Director of Clinical Excellence and Education at BAYADA Home Health Care
Mountville, Pennsylvania
Angela is the Vice-President of Opus Peace. She is a featured speaker on Soul Injury and Unmourned Loss. She also provides Fallen Comrade and Soul Restoration Caregiver ceremonies.
Leann Thrapp MA, BSN, RN, CHPCA
Executive Director, WesleyLife Home Health and Hospice.
West Des Moines, Iowa
Leann sits on the Executive Board of Directors for Opus Peace. She speaks on Soul Injury and Forgiveness, providing a featured presentation at the Arizona Geriatrics Society annual conference. She also provides Fallen Comrade and Soul Restoration Caregiver ceremonies. Leann is  INELDA trained End of Life Doula, "We Honor Veterans" event facilitator and is a Reiki Master.
Angela Sipe MJ, CHPCA, Executive Director, Opus Peace
St. Louis, Missouri
Angela is the Executive Director for Opus Peace.  She is a featured speaker for Soul Injury, Unmourned Loss, Forgiveness and other topics. She has provided presentations for all sizes of groups from Key Notes to small work groups.  Angela brings a wide variety of healthcare experiences including experience at end of life as a hospice executive as well as military family experience and loss. "I am so honored to help people at all stages of life redeem their suffering in order to fulfill their destiny."
Nancy Weil, Director of Bereavement Support for Veterans Funeral Care
St. Petersburg, Florida
Nancy is a national speaker on therapeutic laughter, stress reduction and grief. As the Director of Bereavement Support for Veterans Funeral Care, she leads grief support groups in the community and provides programs on Soul Injury. “The message of Soul Injury is that there is a path to wholeness and to loving yourself and your life in ways you never thought was possible. As I work with people in recognizing their own Soul Injuries or a Soul Injury in a family member, they begin to realize that what they’ve been experiencing has a name and that they are not alone in their suffering.”
John Drinkard, Chaplain, Karen Ann Quinlan Hospice
Great Meadows, New Jersey
John is an Interfaith Minister and a Vietnam Veteran who provides Soul Injury presentations and workshops on Loss and Forgiveness throughout the New Jersey area, including the New Jersey Hospice Veterans Partnership. "The Soul Injury practice of grieving my losses has restored my aliveness – my vitality. It enabled me to open my broken heart, reclaim my power, regulate my emotions, and set boundaries with others."
Kathy Bixby RN, MSN, CHPN
Washington, DC
A former Army nurse, Kathy returned to her roots and began working at the Washington DC Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center in 2005. Kathy is a Reiki Master with training in iRest Yoga Nidra and certification as a HeartMath Trainer.  Most recently, she completed her Caritas Coaching Certificate through the Watson Caring Science Institute.  She provides presentations on Soul Injury at professional conferences.
Kathi Burkhart
Lyons, New Jersey
Kathi is a retired Navy Nurse and Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner in the VA. “Hearing Deborah Grassman speak on the phenomenon of Soul Injury opened a whole new world for me. I was thirsty to learn more about soul injury and how I could use the experiences of 5 hospice nurses who tended to over 10,000 dying Veterans with the living Veterans I was caring for in the VA.” Kathi has now taken the message back to her VA facility, her Nurse Practitioner professional organizations, and religious organizations.
Kathy Lowery-Gallowitz, Founder, Vanguard Veteran
Dayton, Ohio
Kathy is a Consultant, Speaker, Trainer and Coach. Her organization helps civilians understand and support Veterans to reach their personal and leadership potential. A retired Lt. Colonel, Kathy provides presentations on Soul Injury, as well as Fallen Comrade ceremonies.
Stephanie Turner RN
Kansas City, Missouri
Stephanie is a Nurse with Kansas City Hospice where she implements educational programs on Soul Injury. She also provides Intern Leadership at the Opus Peace Institute and offers The Hero Within book communities at her faith community. "I am thrilled to be part of the Soul Injury movement. Soul Injuries are everywhere and now I have the tools to respond."
Sue Gipson RN, CHPN, President, Indiana Hospice Veterans Partnership; Clinical Liaison of Veteran Affairs for SouthernCare
Princeton, Indiana
Sue Gipson is the Business Development Sales Manager for SouthernCare/Avalon for the states of Indiana and Illinois. She is a CHPN certified nurse with 30 years experience. She is married to a Vietnam Veteran and is an advocate for promoting well-being with families of Veterans. She is President of the Hospice Veteran Partnership of Indiana.
Catherine Tye
United Kingdom
Catherine is an Occupational Health (OH) Advisor, Safety Consultant & trainer in the United Kingdom. She provides OH management referral, health screening & surveillance including substantial remote telephone-based and face to face case management for complex sickness absence (including post-operative, mental health and MSD-related) and on-employment screening issues. She now includes Soul Injury as an employment issue that needs addressing in the workplace.

Janet Guess, Certified Veteran Specialist for Dignity Memorial Network
Knoxville, Tennessee
Janet has worked for 30+ years designing, promoting, producing, and teaching personal, professional and organizational development strategies. She has committed her life to inspiring and teaching herself and others to make powerful, conscious choices. As the daughter and spouse of veterans, she is especially devoted to serving those who have served. Janet presents VA Burial Benefits Seminars, supports the Homeless Veteran Burial Program, and facilitates the, “We Honor Veteran” events.